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My name is Cynthia Geford and I writing this testimony in regards to a treatment developed by Dr. Samuel Peters, the T-Cell Accelerator.  In 2005,  I was diagnosed with a non-healing diabetic wound on my baby toe, several treatments were administered and finally I was referred to specialists, the treatment administered by the doctors started in the summer of that year and continued through fall when I was referred to a surgeon and the only solution he recommended was amputation of the toe.

Needless to say I did not want that to happen. I became aware of Dr. Peters' T-Cell Accelerator and decided to try it.  After the first application results were evident within a week’s time, the wound began healing and the neuropathy decreased in my foot. The T-Cell Accelerator did in one month what the medical specialists could not do in the months of treatment;  I was elated and am still happy with the outcome of this treatment.  I would recommend this treatment for the many varies reasons it is used for.  Today in 2009, my foot is still completely healed and there have been no other problems concerning this foot.  I am so thankful that I tried this as a solution, rather than have my toe amputated, it works!

I am Miss. J. of College Park.  I have been taking Kidney Restore for two weeks.  Before I started, I use to see spots and feel dizzy.  Now, I am not seeing spots and I don’t feel dizzy. The Kidney Restore also helped my blood pressure.

I am writing this testimony in regards to the herbal supplement called Kidney Restore.  This has been a wonderful supplement for me, providing energy and relieving certain weaknesses that I have been experiencing, i.e. fatigue and lightheadness.  Kidney Restore has enabled me the ability to get through the day without feeling exhausted doing the least chore.  Dr. Peters has once again shown his knowledge in recommending a supplement that has been very helpful to me at a time when the other medical remedies failed or caused unpleasant side effects.  I would recommend this solution without a doubt as a supplement worth trying.  I am not on dialysis.


Cynthia Geford


My name is Harry; I have been on dialysis for three years.  I started taking Kidney Restore for two weeks.  My back is not hurting like it use too and I have started urinating.  I am glad that I tried Kidney Restore. The doctor will be doing a test on my kidney at the end of July, 2009 to test my kidney count.  My kidney count increased.  I will continue taking Kidney Restore.


My name is Sally.  I live in Georgia.  I have been on dialysis about two years now. I started taking Kidney Restore three weeks ago.  Now, I have started urinating, my kidney count is up and my blood pressure is down. I stop taking the medication the doctor had me on.  I am feeling better now.  I will recommend this product to everyone who is on dialysis.

I am Mr. Ballard and I have been on dialysis for about two years.  I started taking Kidney Restore 30 days ago.  I am feel better.  I have started urinating more.  I have more energy.



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